Tips for iron mining

5th Nov, 2022

Tips for iron mining

The popular sandbox game Minecraft 1.18 has received a lot of updates. Mojang declared Caves and Cliffs to be their biggest update. The distribution of different ores is one of the most significant changes to the game.

Iron is the most commonly used metal among the many metals and resources in Minecraft. Every player can use iron in a variety of ways, from beginners to professionals. Iron is used to create tools, weapons, armor and many other items. The new Minecraft 1.18 update will make it slightly easier to search for iron.

5) A good enchanted pickaxe

Pickaxes are the only method to mine iron. However, a good combination of enchantments could give players an iron stack from just a few iron blocks. A fortune enchantment can give you more iron from an oreblock.

4) Mine at level Y 15

Players will find good iron when they mine at Y-level 15. This is because of the new ore distribution introduced in Minecraft 1.18. Mojang has released a chart that explains the ore distribution. It shows how much iron is generated at Y-level 15.

3) Mine in the mountains

Minecraft 1.18 has another change. The mountains will now house large amounts of iron ore. Developers also confirmed that iron can be found in tall mountains.

2) Iron Golem Farm

Although this is not a novel way to get lots of iron, the farm's high yield rate makes it a top choice. Iron Golem, as players are well aware, is made of Iron. Iron ingots are what players get upon their death. Players can build a productive Iron Golem farm in just a few hours and get a lot of iron.

1) Iron Ore Veins

The ore vein generation is one of the best features in the game. Minecraft 1.18 will introduce rare ore veins, which can hold thousands of ore blocks. Players will have abundant iron if they find an iron ore vein.