Fire-proof mobs in Minecraft

19th Dec, 2022

Fire-proof mobs in Minecraft

Over 50 mob types are available in Minecraft. Mojang updates their game every year with new monsters and animals. This makes the mob list seem to grow each year. Mobs can be found in every dimension and biome of Minecraft.

There are some mobs that have particular strengths and weaknesses. Enderman, for example, are resistant to projectile attack but take water damage. Many other mobs, however, are immune to fire damage.

Players should be aware of which monsters are immune from fire damage before confronting them. This article lists Minecraft mobs that are immune to fire damage, including enchantments, lava and magma blocks.

Minecraft has fire-resistant mobs

5) Zombie piglin

The undead piglins known as zombie piglins can be found in the Nether realm. These monsters can also be spawned from the nether portal. Unlike piglins, zombie piglins are completely immune to fire.

Players can push piglins through lava seas in Nether realms and watch them emerge unscathed. Players cannot use lava to destroy zombie piglins in automated farms.

4) Ghasts

Ghasts, a hostile flying mob, are found all over the Nether realm. Ghasts may be seen by many players as they dive into lava seas and pass through falling lava. Ghasts are not affected by lava so players use wither roses to kill them in automated mob farms.

3) Remove skeletons

Wither skeletons can apply status effects to their enemies, making them one of the few mobs that Minecraft has. This mob, which wields a sword, inflicts 10 seconds of wither on the player when it strikes.

Wither skeletons have a dangerous ability. They are also immune from fire damage. To get rare drops, players can create a farm withering skeletons.

2) Wither

Wither boss, like wither skeletons is also immune from fire damage. Because they are created using wither skull skulls, this is not surprising. Wither, unlike other fire-resistant mobs can pull lava away. The Nether realm is more exciting and challenging than the other fire-resistant mobs.

1) Ender dragon

The Ender dragon, the last boss of Minecraft, rules over the main island. To free the End, players must face the Ender Dragon upon entering the End dimension. It is not surprising that the Endgame boss, the ender dragon, is immune from fire damage.