Clearing chunks using console

12th Jan, 2023

Clearing chunks using console

Clearing land can be a difficult task in Minecraft. However, there are ways to make it easier if you're willing to use the command console.

Players who don't want to install additional Minecraft mods like MCedit can use commands that will clear large swathes of land, or entire chunks, from an area.

Minecraft players can remove entire blocks by using the fill command. This allows them to free up space for building more.

If desired, this command can be used to clear specific areas such as whole chunks or just a few blocks of space.

The syntaxes for filling in chunks of Minecraft vary depending on which version you are using. However, once you get the hang it it is very easy to use. You will need the coordinates of the area you want to clear.

This can be done by players using the F3 key in Minecraft: Java Edition, or the “show coordonnées” option within Bedrock Edition. Players will need to mark the starting and ending points of the fill command they wish to clear.

These syntaxes are for fill commands based on Minecraft edition:

Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

These syntaxes use and to indicate the x/y/z coordinates from the beginning point (from), to the end point (to). These coordinates are used to determine which type of block will fill the area.

Minecraft: Java Edition users who want to work specifically with chunks can use the combination F3 and G keys to make the chunk borders visible. This will give players a better understanding of the coordinates. Because chunks are 16×16 in size, players can use math to determine their starting and ending points.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players can toggle their fancy renderings to see a quick view of where they are in a particular chunk while they reload.

MineHack Y-coordinate

This leaves us with one question: How deep is a chunk? What is the Y coordinate for fill? Players who wish to remove an entire chunk of the game can set their Y coordinates to either 0 (or 1), which will fill the depth to the level of the bedrock layer or above it.

Below are examples of a work fill command to clear an area.

Minecraft: Java Edition & Bedrock Edition

A command such as this can be used to completely clear a chunk. It will also fill it with air blocks. This allows players to see deep into the underground of their world and create a huge hole for building.