Amazing ender dragon showcase

25th Jan, 2023

Amazing ender dragon showcase

Minecraft allows players to build amazing structures in an almost endless world. This game encourages people to create art in real life. Every once in a while, there is a new piece of art that appears on the Minecraft Reddit Page.

Redditor u/NicolasBriones posted a fantastic doodle depicting the Ender Dragon fight. The redditor also mentioned that the fight had been reimagined using this doodle. While most of the things were the same as before, there were some interesting details.

Redditors react positively to the Ender Dragon battle doodle

The doodle by u/NicolasBriones showed the dragon flying above the main island, with several tall Endermen and one shorter player running away. Instead of throwing a fireball at the player, the dragon was releasing a purple fireball. This was a unique way Ender Dragon could attack players.

The dragon has been fought by Minecrafters for a while now. Therefore, the Reddit page welcomed the reimagined fight. This post was redeemed by over 15000 people in one day. There were many comments that discussed the details and aspects of the fight.

Many people noticed the constant fire from the dragon, and they appreciated the new attack that the original poster had envisioned. They were excited and discussed how Mojang should improve the dragon's fighting skills to make it more interesting.

Some people were struck by the strange appearance of the Endermen in the doodle. The perspective illusion made the strange creatures appear to be floating rather than standing on the ground. People were captivated by the strange appearance of the world. It was fascinating and intriguing, regardless of whether the floating Enderman was an illusion or a creative choice.

Many people mentioned that the doodle reminded of scenes from other TV series. Many people commented on Game of Thrones' dragon and its ability to breathe fire. Many people also mentioned a game called “Mass Effect” and a creature called “Reaper.”

The simple, yet creative doodle was well received by Minecraft Redditors. This doodle, which included the jet of dragon fire as well as floating Endermen, was refreshing since the original poster's dragon fight has been retired. As new admirers of the artwork keep coming in, the post is still strong.