Best Iphone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases In 2020

Wireless Charging has become a rage now, and with most of the devices supporting it, it becomes equally important for the cases to support this technology. While there are a couple of wallet cases  or clear cases that support wireless charging. We actually need to get our hands on some best iPhone 11 Pro Max wireless charging cases that are specially designed to support this robust tech.

Wireless charging is changing the tech world, and the day is not far where all the phones are shifting to wireless charging. Thus, all the accessory making brands need to come up with some exceptional cases that are compatible with the QI technology. But until then, we are always on the search to find out specific cases. In today’s case line-up, you can explore the best wireless charging cases available in the market currently.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

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  • Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    The Pitaka case is made from 100% aramid fiber. This material is often used to make bulletproof vests for military men, supercars, airplanes, space crafts, etc. making this case super durable and strong. Although made from such a strong material, this case doesn’t meddle with the phone signals.

    This case can easily connect with the Pitaka car mount because of the embedded metal plates in the case that could magnetically connect with that mount. The back of the case has a 3D Grip Skin that has a pleasant non-slippery texture that has a very smooth touch and feels.

    USP: Made from 100% Aramid Fiber
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    #2. Torras

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    The Torras wireless charging case is probably the thinnest case available for your beastly new device. This ultra-light and compact case is only 0.03 inch thick that is equal to 0.76 mm, making the case fit like a second skin on your device.

    Without adding any bulk to your device, you will feel as if there is no case on your device. The case is made from DE imported matte finish hard PC material to keep the glass back of your iPhone safe. It also has a very silky and soft touch that feels great in your hand while holding your phone and thanks to the matte finish coating there would be no fingerprints and scratches on your case.

    USP: Silky Soft Matte Finish
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    #3. Spigen

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    And Spigen it is! It won’t be an iGeeks case lineup if Spigen case doesn’t get featured. This wireless charging case for the iPhone is made using the hybrid technology that is produced by combining soft TPU bumper and a hard, durable PC back. This will provide dual protection to your phone along with being wireless charging compatible.

    This case has a crystal clear transparency so that you could flaunt the beautiful glass back and your Apple Logo as well. The raised lips around the screen and the camera lens adds a layer of insurance from accidental drops and falls. It also sports a metal kickstand for handsfree viewing.

    USP: Integrated Kick-Stand
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    #4. Jijaogara

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    Leather is a synonym of luxury and to add a touch of premium-ness to your already opulent iPhone, a leather case is a perfect choice. But what is better than a leather case? A leather case that supports wireless charging for your QI compatible iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    The Jijaogara premium leather case is very thin and is made out of premium quality leather that is sure to make a statement when you step out with it. This case supports wireless charging, along with protecting your phone, along with giving it a superior style, along with being slim, phew too many along withs. So, all in all, this case is a beast in itself.

    USP: Premium Leather Made
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    #5. HTGK

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    I love a case with a good grip, and the Htgk wireless charging case is the best shot for an excellent grip of your giant iPhone. When using a 6.5-inch massive device my biggest fear is that it might slip through my hands as I have butterfingers, but this case ensures that your phone remains in your hands and not on any tacky floors or shady places.

    The case sports precise cutouts for quick access to all the ports and controls of your device without hindering the responsiveness of your device. It also has a luxurious design with a carbon fiber finish and smooth touch. Raised lip edges protect the display screen of your device from scratches.

    USP: Great Grip
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    #6. Fly Hawk

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    There are not too many wallet cases that are wireless charging compatible but, the Fly Hawk is amongst the few brands that manufacture such cases. A wallet case, a wireless charging case, and a leather case, these are not 3 cases, these are the features of this one Fly Hawk iPhone 11 Pro Max wireless charging case. One word for this case, WOW…

    You can store 2 cards and a couple of bills in the card slots at the back of this case, that will allow you to have an easy and convinient access to your stash. The case provides a very firm grip of your device and avoids accidental slips, it is also fingerprint-resistant.

    USP: Can hold over 2 cards
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    #7. Ztoptopcase

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    Made from soft TPU edges that can very well absorb shock along with hard matte PC back, this iPhone case has an outstanding translucent back that gives a very natural touch and feels. The translucent back also gives a very unique look of the glass back making the Apple logo pop.

    With independent buttons and clear tactile feedback, this case keeps the responsiveness of your phone intact. This case also supports wireless charging, obviously. So that you don’t have to remove it every time you wish to charge your phone. Lastly, the soft TPU edges provide a layer of protection to your phone.

    USP: Anti-Drop Protection
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    #8. Floveme

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    Sometimes you might want to keep your beastly iPhone on a leash and might want to flaunt it to the world but, the fear screen shatters, and glass breaking keeps you from doing that. Thus keeping it protected in a durable case is the only way out but why compromise on your desire to flaunt it when you can encase it in a crystal clear case.

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max charging case is truly a robust case that allows you to flaunt your phone while protecting it from damage. And, if you run out of battery, then you don’t have to worry about removing it and placing your device on your wireless charger.

    USP: Camera and Screen Protection
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    #9. ESR

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    Just like Spigen, ESR is another brand that has earned a very trustworthy name and credit in the iPhone accessory brands list. The iPhone cases by this brand are very operational, secure, and most important of them all affordable. With a great variety of cases for the newly launched device, the ESR wireless charging case is one of my favorites.

    Fantastic quality, durability, anti-slip, finger-print resistant, luxurious feel are some of the features of this case. Made from premium quality of authentic leather, this case ages beautifully making it even more desirable and coveted. With just 0.9 mm thickness, this case feels very light on your phone.

    USP: Super Luxurious Feel
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    #10. Miracase

    Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cases in 2020

    Whoever said the beauty lies in simplicity and minimalism, had his mind in the right place. This Miracase iPhone case supports wireless charging giving you a hassle-free charge every time. With its chic look and sleek design, you can say that I saved the best for the last.

    With enhanced screen and camera lips along with the microfiber lining on the inside, this case ensures a 360° protection of your device. Composed from liquid silicone rubber the case’s surface is very smooth and you will feel as if you are running your fingers over a baby’s skin.

    USP: Beautifully Minimalistic
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    Signing Off…

    What do you guys think about these iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that are compatible with wireless charger? Let me know that in the comments below.

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