Liquid Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass: Which One Should You Choose For Your Iphone Or Ipad?

They say, “Screen protector is the first line of defence for your device.” So, if you are all set to buy a protective and efficient shield for your iOS device (or any for that matter) and toying with the idea of choosing one between liquid screen protector and tempered glass defender, this article would help you in picking the better option—as per your specific needs.

First things first, both toughened glass and liquid screen are very useful and offer the required care to your device screen. They have different specialities which make them worth putting your money on. Again at the end of the day, what matters is what exactly you are looking for. So, let’s jump over to see which one is superior to the other!

Liquid Screen Protector vs Tempered Glass for iPhone

Liquid Screen Protector


Very smooth
A liquid screen protector is pretty smooth. It’s easily installed on your device; providing the full-screen safeguard from scratch.

Highly transparent
It offers high transparency courtesy of the remarkably slim structure. You will have great viewing experience from all angles.

Enormously responsive to the touch
Being very sensitive, it recognizes every subtle tap and touch. The key to its high responsiveness is the sleek material.

Extremely lightweight
It’s not just incredibly slim but also lightweight. The ultra-light design allows it to make a nice pair with the screen.

Bubble Free, Easy to Clean
The liquid screen is able to keep bubbles away to a great extent. If you hate bubbles and can’t put up with them, it can be a good option. Moreover, you can comfortably clean it with a soft cloth.


Less Impact Protection
Simply put, liquid screen guard can’t go face to face with toughened glass when it comes to providing complete protection from impact is concerned. If much-required protection from accidental bumps is what you are after, tempered glass is a better option.

Comparatively Less Scratch Resistance
It can’t defend your touchscreen beyond a distance. Your device display would be vulnerable to sharp scratch.

Gets Easily Discoloured from Sun and Oil
The other disadvantage of the liquid screen protector is that it doesn’t have enough resistance to ward off the sun, oil, and grime for too long. Comparatively, it’s more prone to fingerprint.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector


More protective
Thanks to having more strength, tempered glass is used in some applications like shower doors, passenger vehicle windows, mobile screen protectors, etc. With the muscular 9H hardness, it can even fight out the scratches by the knife; that itself speaks volume of how protective it is.

A Lot Safer
Tempering puts the exterior into compression and interior into tension. As a result, when the glass is broken, it crumbles into small granular chunks that cause less damage to your device.

Boasts Four to Six Times the Strength to Normal Glass
Tempered glass generally has four to six times more strength than a normal glass. It’s very robust and fully capable of defending the screen from ugly scratches.

Exceptionally Sensitive to the Touch
It is very sensitive to the touch. The ability to keep away fingerprint, oil, grime, and dust allows it to retain its top functionality for long. What helps it retain its top gear is the oleophobic coating.

Incredibly Transparent
Tempered glass is very transparent and provides crystal clear display. With the HD clarity, you have optimum viewing experience—from all angles.


Susceptible to Breakage
Toughened glass is susceptible to damage. If the edge of the glass, where the tensile stress is considered to be maximum, is damaged, the whole structure would eventually get shattered.

Can Pose Security Risk
Tempered glass could pose security risk in some cases. The tendency to get completely shattered upon hard impact might prove to be a dual-edged sword.

The Verdict:

Toughened glass screen guard has clear edge over liquid screen defender. Whether it’s much needed safeguard from scratch or longevity, the former is superior to the latter. Though liquid guard can be a trusted shield for the touchscreen of your device—to some extent, it can’t go face to face with the tempered guard.

Tempered glass now flaunts curved edges which allow them to get installed with ease and provides full-screen safeguard. Besides, high quality toughened glass protectors are completely bubble-free, more convenient to remove and clean. So, liquid screen guards don’t have any edge over it in this regard either.

So, liquid screen or tempered glass? Which one you prefer? Share your thoughts with us in comment, on <

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