Taskwarrior – Manage Your Todo List From The Linux Terminal

With so many To-Do list apps filling the market these days it is only fair that a non-GUI app is also created for CLI enthusiasts.

Today we bring you a lightweight application you can use right from your Terminal – it’s   Go For It - A Modern To-Do List with a Timer

To add a new task enter:

$ task [insert task here]

To display your to-do list, enter:

$ task next

To dd a new task with a priority level, enter:

$ task add priority:H write Article

There are more things you can do with Taskwarrior so check its documentation for an exhaustive command list.

Clearing the list is also a breeze as all you need to know is the task number like so:

$ task 1 done

So, there you go guys; a Command Line-based to-do list app. Is this new to you or perhaps, you have a different CL-based app you can tell us about? Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section.

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