12 Best Iphone Apps Of 2019 To Make Your Life Easier

Don’t get bewildered by the army of new apps every week. There are lots of great apps amongst the multitude, as most iPhone/iPad users will tell you. The great apps are the ones that do exactly what they say they will and make your daily schedule a lot easier.

Whether you need time management, killer contact information or being in touch with your whole team of collaborators without any file sharing glitches the best apps will turn your day around. With just a little setup time you should be just pointing your apps in the right direction and let them get on with the tasks they have been designed to do.

Let’s get straight on with 12 of the best iPhone apps currently available that will make your life easier.

Best iPhone Apps of 2019 to Make Your Life Easier

#1. Google Drive

12 Best iPhone Apps of 2019 to Make Your Life Easier

Google Drive is a well-known file storage and synchronization service. You can access all of your saved files from anywhere. It also lets you invite your colleagues or anyone to edit, view and even comment on your files.

Instantly access your recent files and also set sharing permissions to view and edit. Keep a tab on file details and activity. What’s more, there is also an option to view files even when you are offline.

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