Linux Mint Is Still The Leading Desktop Distribution

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It is good that Manjaro is getting some traction because it is a fork of the awesome Arch Linux, and is, itself, a reliable distro. It is common knowledge that the Manjaro and Arch Linux user base combined is less than that of Linux Mint.

Although Ubuntu is the most popular Linux online, many users reportedly end up switching to Linux Mint after finding out that Mint does indeed fix the problems cramped up in Ubuntu and its flavours. And because the same commands work on both distros, switching poses no threat or new learning curve at all. If anything, Linux Mint is simpler to use.

So this is the scenario that I want you to picture:

  • Linux newbie searches online for a distro suggestion.
  • Installs Ubuntu.
  • Discovers how buggy Ubuntu can be even when it is an LTS version.
  • Checks online for complaints and solutions only to find out Linux Mint is the ultimate answer.
  • Linux newbie installs Linux Mint.

This is probably the case with many other distros out there for one reason or the other and the Mint community is always welcoming them with open arms and it might remain this way till another distro comes to blow it out of the water. Could that distro be Manjaro? Or maybe Deepin. Only time will tell.

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Are there other reasons why you think Linux Mint is still the leading desktop distro? Or maybe you don’t think so at all. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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