Ming Chi Kuo Revises 2019 Iphone Sales Predictions Upwards To 75 Million Units

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo has some good news about the new iPhone. He predicts that the iPhone 11 and new Pro range will have a strong launch. Kuo’s TF International Securities analyst firm predicts that the 11 and Pro series will sell up to 75 million units, just in 2020.

This prediction and others were seen in a TF International Securities tariff hike by taking a hit to profits.

Kuo predicted earlier that Apple would partially mitigate the impact of tariffs through its expansion plans in India and Vietnam.

One possible proxy for this prediction is Apple Watch pricing. Year-on-year pricing for the Apple Watch has not changed, despite the trade war. At the end of the day, this means that iPhone users will benefit from consistent pricing, regardless of externalities.

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