Unlock NetflixS Hidden Features And Become A Streaming Superstar

Netflix has long been a superb entertainment app. It’s got almost everything to keep you pumped up. Enjoy using this app and wish to get the most out of it? Well, we have listed out a number of smart tricks that can let you unlock Netflix’s hidden features and also enormously bolster your user-experience.

Instantly access the sort of movies and shows you love watching. Enable captions and also stop the app from burning your limited data plan. Oh yes, there is also a way to prevent the app from playing episodes without your nod! So, what’s stopping you man from unraveling these coolest hacks for Netflix?

Netflix’s Hidden Features

Make Movie Requests

Many of you would be surprised to know that the app lets you also request movies, which you like to watch. To do so, head over to quick guide to find out how it’s done.

Use the Secret Codes to Instantly Track Down the Contents You Want to Watch

No longer want to spend a lot of time in finding out the contents you wish to watch? There is a little hack that can let you quickly track down the sort of contents that fire your adrenaline.

So, how does this effective trick work? Well, you just need to insert the number of the specific category you wish to view in the below-given URL. Navigate to this hands-on guide to control data consumption.

Make the Most Ultra HD

Netflix offers HD content to enliven your movie time. You can easily set it up to enjoy watching movies. Just make sure to stream your favorite shows only on Wi-Fi to prevent rapid data consumption.

Step #1. Open the app and head over to your Account.

Step #2. Now, select playback settings and click “High” on data usage.

Step #3. Next, click the save button to confirm.

Hide titles from viewing history

If you wish to keep certain titles under the wraps, hide them from your viewing history.

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