How To Install Watchos 6.1.1 Beta 3 On Apple Watch

With the standalone App Store and advanced health & fitness-centric features like “Activity Trends” and “Hearing Health” watchOS 6 is designed to take the Apple Watch experience to the next level. The ability to install apps right on the watchOS device could prove to be a catalyst in making Apple’s smartwatch break even more boundaries.

Considering how feature-rich and promising the operating system looks, we are all geared up to download and install watchOS 6.1.1 beta 3 on Apple Watch to have a sneak peek at all the new add-ons. If you also like having a go at the yet-to-be-released OS and dig out the hidden gems, it would be great to set up the latest watchOS version on the smartwatch.

Just a little word of caution, do not expect the newest watchOS version to run smoothly as yet, as the OS will still go through plenty of changes and improvements. But if you can bear with those hiccups, beta testing would be fun. Now that pep talk is done, let’s get the developer beta of watchOS 6!

How to Install watchOS 6.1.1 Beta 3 on Apple Watch

  • Before starting with the steps, ensure that your paired iPhone is also running the latest iOS 13.3 beta 3 and connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  • Besides, your smartwatch must have at least 50% power and be connected to a magnetic charger.

Step #1.
Open a web browser on your paired iPhone and go to iOS 13 Supported Devices

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