Audials Radio Iphone App: Unlimited Music, Countless Genres & Boundless Joy

Even after so many music players at our disposal, people love to listen to radio. Radio channels were apprehensive of their existence after the outburst of electronic devices on which, people can play recorded music, songs, albums and other programs. However, radio successfully held its post under the heavy bombardment of television, music apps on internet etc. People still like to listen to songs, albums, and other entertaining programs on radio.

Music lovers have already got their selections in bulk on Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music; but there is one name that is riding on high frequency, and the name is Audials Radio.

Audials Radio iPhone App: Unlimited Music, Countless Genres & Boundless Joy

Audials Radio iPhone App

Audials is your one-stop shop for all songs, radio stations, genres, artist and more. Can you expect anything more than 90000 radio stations from almost all the countries of the world? The app pre-buffers content being played on any radio station, and streams the content on radio to your iPhone or iPad. What is more delightful, users don’t have to plug earphones in their ears as the app plays content on device speakers; still better, you can connect your device with any Bluetooth speakers for a great musical experience.

More Than 120 Genres from Across the Globe

Once you download Audials on your iPhone or iPad, sign in with your email or Facebook ID. You can listen to songs without signing up. On the app, you will find many options to explore the musical world. On the home screen of the app, you can choose Radio option and browse through countries, languages, genres, artists and more. For a true-blue music lover, Audials offers more than 120 genres from across the globe. You can satiate your most diverse musical taste.

Create List of Favorite Stations

If you are really hooked to this app, you can create a list of your favorite stations. While you are on a particular station, you can see that star icon next to the name of the station; just tap on the favourite icon and the station will be added to the list of Favorite stations. Next time, you don’t have to search that station.

Filter to Search by Region and Genre

For your penchant for a particular country, you can directly go to the section of Countries below Genres. Once in this section, choose your country and find the music of your choice. Note that if the country is rich in her culture, you will have to filter your search by region and genre.

Sleep Timer

The app also boasts an alarm clock and a sleep timer to auto-shut the player. It is quite simple to set up; tap on the Hamburg button and choose Sleep Timer. Now select the minutes from one to 120; start the Sleep Timer and the app will stop playing songs within that stipulated time.

Dark and Light Mode

The designer of the app has taken special care of your eyesight, and therefore, you can switch light and dark mode from the same Hamburg button. From the Appearance, you can choose Dark and Light mode. Record feature in the app is very useful for users as they can record songs, albums or any program to playback later. Thankfully, you can store recordings on your device; later, you can rename the file and move the recordings to other devices.

Car Mode, Video and Audio Podcasts

Among other notable features are car mode, video and audio podcasts, 120K programs, millions of episodes and more. Get news, previews for videogames, comedy, science, movies, sports, languages and more. Audials Radio is your app. Use it to the full.

Price: Free
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