How To Play Facebook Messenger Instant Games On Iphone, Mac, And Windows

“Facebook Messenger” is probably the most feature-rich messaging app along with Messages app for iOS 10. Features like animated GIF, secret conversation, funny emoji, video calling etc. make it great for users. Personally, I like using it to communicate with my Facebook friends.

There are times when I chat with my friends for hours using Messenger. Though sending funny jokes, photos and videos is cool for a healthy conversation, I want to play some amazing games to bring more joy into communication just like iMessage. Luckily, the app has been updated to add a new feature called “Instant Games” to let users play games within the conversation thread.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Instant Games on iPhone, Mac, and Windows

I have tried Instant Games and found them pretty neat. Would you like to try them as well? Let’s swim across!

How to Play Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games on iPhone and iPad

Note: Currently, Instant Games are available in 30 countries including Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Estonia, Taiwan, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Israel, Lithuania, Spain, and Italy.

Step #1. Make sure to best Pokemon Go alternatives, VR game apps, action games etc.

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