How To Migrate Data From Windows Pc To Macbook Pro

With superior features including Touch Bar, Touch ID and stunning design, the new MacBook Pro has attracted not just Mac users but also stolen the heart of quite a lot of Windows PC users. No wonder, one of my friends who had been a die-hard Windows user for long has just decided to switch his loyalty and can’t wait to take the macOS Sierra for a long ride on MacBook Pro 2016.

Are you also planning to switch from Windows to Mac? We have you covered. You can effortlessly migrate your Windows PC data to Mac in just seven steps. Indeed, switching from PC to Mac had never been so hassle-free before. (Make sure to check out this post to migrate your old Mac’s data to new MacBook Pro and de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services if you are planning to sell your computer.)

How to Migrate Data from Windows PC to MacBook Pro

How to Transfer Data from Windows PC to MacBook Pro

Make sure to connect your Mac to the PC. To do so, you can use Ethernet or ensure that both the devices are on the same local Wi-Fi network.

Step #1. On Mac, open a Finder window.

Step #2. Next, click on Applications in the sidebar. Then, you have to double-click or control-click on the Utilities folder.

How to Migrate Data from Windows PC to MacBook Pro

Step #3. Click on Migration Assistant→ Click Continue.

How to Migrate Data from Windows PC to MacBook ProHow to Migrate Data from Windows PC to MacBook Pro

Enter your system password on Mac.

How to Migrate Data from Windows PC to MacBook Pro

Step #4. Click From a PC when asked to select how you wish to transfer your information. Click Continue.

Step #5. On your PC, you need to download and install Migration Assistant on your PC.

Migration Assistant makes transferring data from your PC to Mac very easy. Next, open Migration Assistant on your Windows PC.

Now, it will try to connect your new Mac. You should see a security code on the screen.

Make sure that code on your PC is the same on your Mac.

Step #6. Select the files, folders, and settings which you wish to transfer from your PC to your Mac.

Step #7. Finally, you have to click continue.

That’s done! Now, have patience and let the process be completed successfully.

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