Ipad Air And Ipad Mini 2 Price Info

Apple’s ‘We got a lot to cover’ turned out to be a treat for Apple enthusiasts. Although no big changes come to the iPad and iPad mini, the updates and the slight design changes are turning out to be drastic in terms of performances.

Interestingly, Apple seems to be re-thinking its product strategy. The iPad Air will not just be an upgrade but will also replace the iPad 4 (also called iPad with Retina Display). The iPad 3/4 are out of Apple’s catalog as I type this, replaced effectively by iPad Air. Read on for full information on iPad Air’s prices and availability.

iPad Air Pricing

iPad Air Wi-Fi Only

  • 16GB  – $499
  • 32GB  – $599
  • 64GB  – $699
  • 128GB – $799

iPad Air Wi-FI + Cellular

  • 16GB  – $629
  • 32GB  – $729
  • 64GB  – $829
  • 128GB – $929

This is the usual pattern. Older iPad gets replaced by the new one for the same price. However, notable additions are the 128GB iPad variants. The 128GB slot was introduced only recently and this is the first iPad to feature 128GB on the day of its launch.

For users looking for the older iPad variants, if you are going to get it from Apple, the iPad 2 is your only option. Note that the iPad 2 was the first retina display tablet from Apple but is still far behind the performances of iPad 4 or even iPad 3 for that matter. The iPad 4 (Lightning) is still on sale at various other marketplaces.

Funnily enough, iPad 2 remains at $399 (16GB, Wi-Fi). The new iPad mini (2) costs as much!

Release Date: The iPad Air will be available for purchase starting November 1, 2013.

A lot of countries are covered in the first launch window. Here’s the list:

iPad Air and iPad mini 2 Price Info

Here’s the price list for iPad Mini 2:

Wi-Fi Only

  • 16GB  – $399
  • 32GB  – $499
  • 64GB  – $599
  • 128GB – $699

Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • 16GB  – $529
  • 32GB  – $629
  • 64GB  – $729
  • 128GB – $829

iPad Mini 2 will be released later in November.

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