Coalbit: Mini Power Bank And Smart Bluetooth Locator

The compact is the keyword today. Size does, does, and does matter. Small is not dull. A thing which is handy is the hero. Believe it or not, we have come to an age when the phenomenon called time has gripped our entire existence. Absent-mindedness is everywhere. People run for the success and die for the fame.

Too much of philosophy, right? But there is science behind it. In all our commercial pursuits, electronic gadgets have an important role to play. And therefore, their maintenance is equally needed. A smartphone is your third hand that can accomplish many tasks. But then that third hand requires energy every day. For most of the time, it is hard to carry a power bank with us.

CoalBit: Mini Power Bank and Bluetooth Tracker

If you carry two or more communication devices, you can transfer battery life from one device to another. But how many times do you keep two or more devices? It will be a rare scene when you step out of your home with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBook. To charge more than two devices, you need a 20000mAh power bank.

Though bigger power banks supply more battery, they occupy bigger space in your backpack. A better option is a compact power bank that you can take with you wherever you go.

CoalBit is a solution that fills the bill here. It is a smart, mini power bank that can charge up your device running on low battery. Though it cannot reach the 100% mark on battery level, it can surely save some moments when you desperately need to use your iPhone. It is a multipurpose device enabled with Bluetooth, locates your belongings, and alerts you when you forget something at home or office.

A Mini Charger

CoalBit: Mini Power Bank and Smart Bluetooth Locator

When you face that battery crunch on your iPhone, even 15 minutes of talk time is appreciated. CoalBit offers you a 560mAh battery that gives your iPhone the extra power it requires. To charge your iPhone, just pull out the cable and connect it to your phone. And to charge this mini power bank, use the cable that is included. Designers of this mini power bank have successfully installed LED indicator that shows battery status; this will show you how much power is consumed from the power bank. The same LED indicator works as the mini flashlight.

Bluetooth Locator

CoalBit: Mini Power Bank and Smart Bluetooth Locator

With so many electronic devices at home and office, we forget to pick up our regular devices. At this, CoalBit can help you with its Bluetooth locator. First off, download the mobile app and synchronize CoalBit with your iPhone via Bluetooth. Now you can use the app to find misplaced items that are connected with CoalBit. In the worst case, if you have misplaced your iPhone, you can find with CoalBit; or if you lose CoalBit, you can find with the help of app downloaded on your iPhone.

In case, of emergency, you can also send an SOS signal to your friends and family. Distance alert is a cool feature of CoalBit as it immediately informs you that you forget something essential at home, work or in a taxi. If you lose something that is attached to CoalBit and didn’t enable the distance alert, you can always check the app for a map of its last location.

Compact Design

CoalBit: Mini Power Bank and Smart Bluetooth LocatorCompact size is the selling point of CoalBit mini power bank because you can carry your CoalBit anywhere without having to worry about losing it. Look at the unique design and that handy karabiner, which allows you to attach CoalBit with anything. It is smartly designed at 2-inch length and 1.4-inch width; this compact size makes CoalBit highly portable power bank. In addition to its size, this mini power bank weighs only 23 grams – it is never a burden on you!

Miscellaneous Features

CoalBit: Mini Power Bank and Smart Bluetooth Locator

CoalBit is available in five different colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, and Red. It is available in two variants – CoalBit Standard and CoalBit Lite. The former comes with features like Power Bank, Bluetooth Locator, and Mini Flashlight; while the latter has Power Bank and Mini Flashlight. With this mini power bank, you will get one Micro USB Charger and Lightning cable to connect it with your iPhone. Corporates can customize CoalBit with their company logo on the power bank. It can be a good Christmas gift to the employees!

CoalBit mini power bank is your companion in some dire situations when your iOS devices are running short of battery. The multipurpose functionality makes it more practical than just a piece of techno-craft.


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