Transfer Data Directly To New Iphone Wirelessly (Or With Cable) In Ios 12.4

Earlier, it wasn’t that easy to transfer the data from your current iPhone to the new iPhone as it required a long procedure. But with the release of iOS 12.4 in July, it’s now possible to transfer data directly to new iPhone wirelessly or through a lightning cable as well. Take a BOW!

It all starts with a Quick Start which was introduced in iOS 11! The overall process doesn’t need your iCloud backup or iTunes backup to transfer the data, in fact, it feels like transferring the data through AirDrop from one iPhone to another as you do normally. So let’s see how you can transfer the data directly to your new iPhone!

How to Use iOS 12.4’s New Wireless Data Migration Feature

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  • Unpair your Apple Watch with your old iPhone if any. You can pair it with a new device later on once the process is completed.
  • If you’re using a wired method, ensure that both the devices are fully charged as you won’t be able to charge during the data transfer process.
  • Make sure your new iPhone has enough space as compared to the old iPhone so that all the data can be transferred without any interruptions.
  • It’s always recommended to take a backup to your iTunes or iCloud before you get started!

Once all these things are taken care of, you’re all set to transfer the data from an old iPhone to a new one!

Transfer Data Directly to New iPhone Wirelessly

To start with, get ready with your iPhone passcode as you would need to enter it in your new iPhone.

Step #1. Insert your sim card from old iPhone to the new one and switch on your new device by placing it near your old iPhone.

Step #2. Once done, you’ll now see a popup on your current iPhone asking you to set up a new iPhone. Tap on continue. Meanwhile, on your new iPhone, select the preferred language and continue to next step.

Step #3. You’ll now notice an animation pop-up; swirling dots image on your new iPhone. Scan that from your old iPhone to get started with the process.

Step #4. Enter the current iPhone passcode on the new iPhone once prompted and then set up your Touch ID or Face ID, whichever you wish to your new iPhone.

Step #5. You will now see all-new data migration screen which gives you two options. First one is transferring the data wirelessly and the second one restores the data from your iCloud backup. Select the Transfer from iPhone option.

Now you’ll be prompted to finish up with few settings. Once done, the data will now be transferred wirelessly, your new iPhone will restart and will be a carbon copy of your old iPhone.

That’s it!

Total time taken in this process depends on the data size you are transferring from your current iPhone to a new one. So this is how easy it is to transfer the data wirelessly by using the data migration feature added in iOS 12.4 stock version. Let’s now see how you can transfer the data with wired cables.

Transfer Data Directly from New iPhone with a Cable

To complete this process, you would need lightning to USB-C cable as well. Here’s how you can transfer data directly by using this adapter and cable together.

Step #1. Insert the lightning to USB3 camera adapter into your new iPhone and use the lightning to USB-c cable to connect both the devices. Insert the USB end of the cable into the camera adapter and the lightning port end to the old iPhone.

Step #2. Once done, both the devices are now connected wirelessly and the rest of the process is the same as above right from step #1 of wirelessly method.

The only difference here is the data would be transferred through the lightning cable and it would be faster as compared to the wireless method. Take note that, the apps will not be transferred as they are downloaded from the App Store on the new device. Rest of all the data will be transferred within a matter of minutes.

Summing Up…

If you follow this method, there’s no need for a cellular network or WiFi (other than downloading apps) to transfer the data from your current iPhone to a new one. This is by far the best feature I have seen in iOS 12. Stay tuned with us to get the latest iOS updates.

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