Sena Apple Watch Leather Travel Case: An Accessory That Is Class Apart

Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the most elegant devices of the modern world; it can also be considered techno-wonder by many. The smartwatch is a notch above other gadgets, and there are many reasons to prove this statement.

While there is so much to appreciate of this digital charisma, there has to be a matching accessory that looks equally wonderful. Luxury is a passé; the in thing is uber-superiority. And this would perfectly describe a product that I am going to describe here.

Sena Apple Watch Leather Travel Case

Sena is a brand known for manufacturing the best in class accessories for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The brand specializes in engineering cases with a nod to its heritage.

A case in point (pun not intended) is Sena Apple Watch leather travel case. So what is so special about this leather case made for Apple Watch.

Sena Apple Watch Leather Travel Case: An Accessory that is Class Apart

Well, as I mentioned above a superior product must find an accessory that equals in all measures. This leather case is a perfect match for your coveted Apple Watch.

Sena Apple Watch leather travel case is your real companion whether you are at home or traveling to different places.

The magnetic closure lid makes it a protective case for your Apple Watch; at the same time, its compact design makes it highly portable; you can conveniently place your watch in this case and carry the case with you.

Sena Apple Watch Leather Travel Case: An Accessory that is Class Apart

The case comprises four different components, which can be detached and reattached. Open the magnetic closure lid, and you will find charger support, a spool dock, and a base. When not in charging mode, you can spiral the entire lightning cable around the dock and put the lid on. This will protect your Apple Watch from any possible damage.

The spool gives you the comfort of spiraling the lightning cable; this also allows you to completely cover your Apple Watch under the lid while you are on the go.

Externally, nobody believes that the case is made of leather but take my words guys, this watch case is made of European leather. The case is crafted in such a way that it is compatible with all Apple Watch bands available in the market.

The leather case is available in plush black color and it is priced around $79.95.


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