Best Iphone Se Car Mounts In 2020: Give Your Iphone A Seat In Your Car

The new iPhone SE is quite smaller in size and that makes it easy to carry around anywhere you like. But the things get little tedious while you are driving your car, and you need to answer calls or navigate using maps. This is the time you need one of the best car mounts.

There are thousands of car mounts available in the market. To make your search easier, we have listed best amongst them. So just go through the list and make your choice.

Best Car Mounts for iPhone SE in 2020

#1. iOttie Easy One Touch 2

Best iPhone SE Car Mounts in 2020: Give your iPhone a Seat in Your Car

The moment I think of buying a top-notch car mount, iOttie comes to the mind instantly. It’s because it makes mounting or unmounting the device super simple. This functionality comes in really handy during the drive.

Regarding design, Easy One Touch 2 has a solid look. And with the high-quality suction, it’s able to stick to windshield, dashboard or almost any surface. Plus, the bottom foot can be comfortably adjusted so that you can power up your device.

USP: Super simple mounting solution
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#2. Maxboost DuraHold

Best iPhone SE Car Mounts in 2020: Give your iPhone a Seat in Your Car

DuraHold from Maxboost appears to be an ideal car mount. Featuring more sturdy construction along with an extendable arm, it’s fully capable of keeping your iPhone SE in place. Thus, your smartphone rests securely even on a bumpy ride.

Another feature that makes it very user-friendly is the 360-degree rotatable design. That means you can position the compact smartphone not only in the portrait mode but also in the landscape mode.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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#3. Mpow

Best iPhone SE Car Mounts in 2020: Give your iPhone a Seat in Your Car

Mpow car mount is highly popular on Amazon and has received four stars out of around 8K customer reviews. Talking about the design, I find it extremely durable.

It sports a pretty ergonomic arm that ensures you can effortlessly mount your smartphone. This car mount has a strong suction cup that makes sure it can stick on most surfaces with ease.

And thanks to the rotatable design, you get the much-needed flexibility to hold the device in the desired angle.

USP: Durable construction
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#4. TaoTronics

Best iPhone SE Car Mounts in 2020: Give your iPhone a Seat in Your Car

TaoTronics has come with a more pragmatic car mount. The reason why I find it so functional is that it allows you to hold the device conveniently. Due mainly to the secure locking mechanism, the iPhone SE stays safely in place

Just like its rivals mentioned above, TaoTronics phone holder also provides an enhanced viewing angle. While navigation, this is what you need to ensure your hands-free usage remains smooth-sailing. Lastly, it comes in two hues–the simple black and the eye-catching orange.

USP: Soft-foam rubber cushion
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