Tvos 12 Features: Most Proficient Update For Apple Tv

At WWDC 2018, tvOS 12 may not have stolen the thunder, but the OS has got enough to be one of the most significant updates for Apple TV. No wonder Apple CEO Tim Cook has heaped a lot of praise on it.

Among some adorable features that have stood out are the more efficient performance and the massive library of 4K HDR movies. Head over to give a quick glance at other new add-ons that have arrived in the tvOS 12.

tvOS 12 Features

Dolby Atmos Audio

Without an iota of doubt, the support for Dolby Atmos audio is one of the biggest highlights for tvOS 12. What can really be a cherry on the cake is that it’s also designed to work with Dolby Atmos soundboard.

Apple TV will be the only streaming player with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This enhanced audio experience will be witnessed in iTunes later this fall, and it will be a free upgrade to suitable devices.

Largest Collection of 4K HDR Movies

Apple TV will have more than 100 video channels inside that small smart TV box. Some of the cable companies working with Apple TV are France’s Canal+, Charter Spectrum, and Switzerland’s Salt.

Apple has said that it will cover up to 50 million homes, and this is a huge number in terms of coverage.

Live Sports And News

For sports enthusiasts, Apple TV is bringing live sports and news to its app. From its partnership with Charter Spectrum, Apple will be able to give users access to live channels and on-demand content from the cable provider.

Zero Sign-on

From single sign-on, Apple TV is moving on to Zero Sign-on; this means, if a user is connected to the cable provider’s broadband, the Apple TV will recognize this connection and automatically log in to all the connected cable apps – and the user is not supposed to enter his/her password. Zero sign-in will be introduced later this year with Charter Spectrum.

New Panoramic Screensavers

tvOS also enables users to discover where the Apple TV’s panoramic screensavers were shot. Moreover, users can swipe between different screensavers. Apple is joining hands with NASA to create new panoramic screensavers shot from the International Space Station.

Apple TV remote will be added automatically to Control Center; Apple is also adding support for other third-party remotes like Crestron.

That’s it!

Remain Tuned

Overall, I’m pretty happy with tvOS 12. It’s definitely going to boost Apple TV’s performance, making it more functional than ever before.

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