How To Record Video Without Switching Out Of Photo Mode On Iphone 11

iPhone 11 is officially here and to say that we are excited about it would be an understatement. We are mind-blown by the camera capabilities that the all-new iPhones possess. From capturing wide, ultra-wide-angle or normal pictures to capturing breathtaking Slo-Fies (Slo-Mo Selfie Videos), the latest iPhones are meant for professional-level camera capture. I mean which other phones would let you record video without switching out of Photo mode? Well, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max does.

Apple lovers across the globe desperately wait for Apple’s September event where the tech giant launches their new line up of iPhones along with their other products. But it is the iPhones that people are always more pumped up about, they want to know what is new and which old technology is retained from the previous iPhone line up.

The camera has always been a very strong selling point of the iPhones and every year Apple advances their cameras. From launching the front cameras to adding portrait mode and dual camera set-up, the iPhones have always innovated and added an edge to its camera. The iPhone 11 line-up certainly doesn’t disappoint us in that aspect. And now you can also shoot videos without exiting the camera mode on the iPhone 11, I mean that is great, isn’t it? You could shoot videos with the QuickTake feature while you are in the camera mode and capturing images. I am blown by this feature so without any further delay let’s see how it works!

How to Use QuickTake Video Mode on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Step #1. Launch the Camera app on your new iPhone or Swipe Right from the lock screen of your iPhones to launch the Camera App.

Step #2. Choose Photo mode.

Step #3. Hold on to the shutter button and swipe right.

It’s done. Now you can capture fantastic pictures while the video is being recorded in the background.

That’s all, mate!

Signing Off…

For me, smartphones have always been about camera quality and functionality and that is one of the major reasons why I prefer iPhones over any other phones. With the 2019 iPhone 11 Series, Apple has outdone its camera functionality. You tell me what did you like the most about these 2019 iPhones and has it lived up to the hype it stirred or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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