Gosync Is A Nifty Gui Google Drive Client Written In Python For Linux Systems

It is no longer a thing of news that Google is yet to release an official drive client for Linux as they’ve done with competing platforms. This, however, hasn’t stopped the Linux community from creating both open source and proprietary softwares that would allow you access Google Drive from your Linux system.

The options available are however somewhat cumbersome and incomplete (if i was to put it that) and mostly have a steep learning curve.

Insync which is a paid software has managed to close this gap by providing a much more user-friendly software that works right out of the box but comes at a rather hefty price of $25 which is its biggest giveaway.

While there are a number of other free options like Google-drive-ocamlfuse, Reclone and Drive, they sadly still have their shortcomings.

GoSync is a rather new GUI-enabled Google Drive client for Linux written in Python and released under the GNU General Public License 2. The application is pretty much still in beta and with the most recent release at   10 Excellent Free Mind Mapping Software for Linux Users

Installation instructions are only provided for Ubuntu and derivatives and CentOS; other distributions will have to clone the  InSync - The Most Powerful Google Drive Client Ever Built

However, there are plans on implementing these aforementioned features in future updates. Also, the dev encourages third party contributions as well as bug reports, so if you’ve got coding skills or you’d like to report issues, you can look up his GitHub to inspect his work on GoSync.

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